Sun Transits In Sagittarius 16 December 2021

The Sun plays an important role in the universe and astrology. It represents a fatherly figure. This planet is disciplined and authoritative. People get govt. job very easily if their sun is quite good in their natal chart. The sun gives optimism, confidence, status, energy and hope in life. The negative traits of the sun are that it gives ego, stubbornness, anger and pride of being superior to everyone. The transition of the sun will take place on 16th December 2021 at 3:44 AM. Now let us see the effects of the Sun transition on every horoscope.

NOTE: These are general results of the Sun transit on each sign.


The sun is going to transit in your ninth house. The ninth house is responsible for the father, spirituality and fate. This period is going to be quite favourable for all the Aries folks. You will be honoured in society. Your seniors will appreciate your work at the workplace. There is a possibility of increment. Your communication skills will help you to influence others. You will be engaged in some spiritual work. You can plan any trip as well. You will spend quality time with your family especially with your kids. You are advised to take care of your father’s health. Business folks will make some new strategies that will help them in getting new clients.

REMEDYFeed cows as much as you can


The sun is going to transit in your eighth house. The eighth house is responsible for obstacles, sudden gains/losses, inheritance and death. There will be huge chances that you will plan to shift abroad. You will work hard to increase your wealth. Your hard work will be awarded. People who are in the mood to change their job can get many job proposals. You will make many new friends during this transit. You can plan many spiritual involvements. Your temperament can be quite high so try to stay calm and relaxed. Your mother can suffer through some health issues so you should take care of her. You can also get fever and flu during this transit. Meditation and Yoga will help you to recover your health. There are chances that you may spend money on court cases. You are advised not to get uselessly worried.

REMEDYDonate red things to girls.


The sun is going to transit in your seventh house. The seventh house is responsible for marriage and partnership. You will be energetic during this period. Your temperament will be high. People will be inspired by you. You will have a great time with your partner but there can be disputes and arguments with your close ones. Your younger siblings will support you. This is a great time if you are working with foreign investors, you will get a positive response from them. Employees folks will be able to work with coordination. There will be an increase in wealth. Students can plan to go abroad for higher education. You are advised not to be arrogant during this period. Some back pain can be caused so take care of your health.

REMEDYGive Arghya to the sun in the morning.


The sun is going to transit in your sixth house. The sixth house is responsible for health issues, debt, enemies and competitive exams. You will be full of energy, confidence and strength. You will win over your enemies. This will be a favourable time for the people who are having any court case. Students are likely to crack competitive exams. Your financial status will be increased but you will spend on material things. You are advised to do proper management of your finance. You can mean to people and that will affect your relationship with dear ones. You can get higher posts. You need to take care of your family as there can be some health issues.

REMEDYEat jaggary everyone.


The sun is going to transit in your fifth house. The fifth house is responsible for education, love affairs, children and the mind. This is time you will reap the results of your hard work. Students folks can do wonders during this transition. They will work on their intellectual and reasoning part. This transit is good for taking exams. Students can plan to abroad as well in respect to getting higher education. You will be engaged in some religious work. You can manifest all your desires during this transit. Your children will be the reason for your happiness during this transit. You will be honoured in society and people will see you in a position where you will influence them. Avoid any misunderstandings with your partner. Your behaviour towards each other won’t be nice.

REMEDYListen “Aditya Hridya Strota” every day on your mobile.


The sun is going to transit in your fourth house. The fourth house is responsible for land, vehicle, house, mother and happiness. You will experience many mood swings during this transit. You are advised not to take decisions in emotions. You will feel irritated and frustrated. There will be many things that will spoil your mental peace. You are advised to include meditation in your daily routine. There is a possibility of arguments with your mother but you should avoid it and take care of her health. The troublesome environment will be there in the family. You will be able to handle your team to work in coordination. You are likely to plan to go to a religious place. You can spend on vehicles during this transit. You can get any lungs related issue.

REMEDYWorship lord sun


The sun is going to transit in your third house. The third house is responsible for hard work, fame, courage and younger siblings. Your confidence level will be high. You will be able to defeat your enemies. Healthwise this transit is beneficial for you as you will remain fit and healthy. Your communication skills will be influential. It is a great time to take initiative for the growth of the business. You will make network with new people and that will support you. During this transition of the sun, you are advised to take good care of your father as he may get ill. Overall, this transit is good for you.

REMEDYDonate flour to needy people.


The sun is going to transit in your second house. The second house is responsible for money and family. It is the best time for generating a good income but you are advised not to choose any wrong path for it. There are chances of your getting some parental property during this time. You are going to make your mark at your workplace. People will see you as a leader. Your business is going to shine and take some stand in the market. People who are planning to change their jobs can create the best use of it. You are advised to add meditation to your routine as mental stress will be there for the money related issues. This is a beneficial time if you are planning to buy land and property. You will make good gains through this investment in future.

REMEDYDonate wheat in the temple on Sunday.


The sun is going to transit in your first house. The first house is responsible for self and personality. Your temperament can be high during this period. Besides this, you will be humble and generous to others. People will be impressed by your sarcasm. You are suggested to be patient. Your management will be the reason you can get a promotion at your workplace. Business people will make huge profits with the help of their strategies and schemes. You will be engaged more in religious work. You will be respected by society. You will experience a good relationship with your father during this transit. Your kids will be the reason for your happiness. Married couples will feel a pure bond between them. You should take care of your diet as you can get some health issues.

REMEDYGive “Arghya” to the sun


The sun is going to transit in your twelfth house. The twelfth house is responsible for expenses, hospital and abroad. You are going to spend a lot during this transit. There is a huge possibility of your donating to charity. You will be included and engaged in the religious work. You are advised not to invest your money in gambling. Your enemies will try to hamper you but you will handle them with so much ease. You will do wonders in the role of a leader. People will like to follow your strategies so you should take full advantage of this time. You will be energetic and honoured by society. You can face stomach issues so take care of your health and diet. You are advised to take good care of your father’s health too.

REMEDYDon’t disrespect your father.


The sun is going to transit in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is responsible for income, elder siblings and gains. During this transition, you will make contact with authoritative people and that will be beneficial for you professionally. Your partner will be honoured at their workplace and that could be the reason for some celebration. The partnership is gonna favour you during this transit. Government officials are gonna have a great time at their workplace. Your colleagues and friends will support your idea. Married folks will have a wonderful time with their spouse. Some distance can be felt because of the hectic schedule.

REMEDYChant “Om Suryaya Namah” every day.


The sun is going to transit in your tenth house. The tenth house is responsible for career and profession. This is a good time to take action for the growth of your profession. You will have to face critics and backbiting. You will be enthusiastic to fulfil all the desires and tasks you have. You will make new friends and that will increase your value in society. Business people will experience a good reputation in the market. Your family and friends will support you. This is a favourable time for the people who want to change their jobs. You are likely to get job proposals. You need to give your best. Your aggression can spoil the work so try to stay calm and patient.

REMEDYWorship lord Sun.

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