Swasthya Rekha (Health Line)

Health is the most important part of our life. Even if a person has immense eminence but if he lacks good health all his wealth is a waste. That is why health is considered as the most important wealth. Palmistry experts wants that after jeevan rekha (life line), Swastha rekha (Health line) should be studied. Bad health has an impact on our entire life and on our work. If a person is healthy he can do any work and can give his best physically and mentally. But if he is not physically fit he is not healthy his life is worthless.

Swastha rekha can start from any place on our palm but it is sure that it will end on Buddha parvat. It has been observed in many cases that a line starting somewhere tries to reach Buddha parvat but is unable to reach it. Then it can’t be called as swasthya rekha. It can only be called swasthya rekha when it touches Buddha parvat or reaches it. Sometimes some lines just touches the Buddha parvat then it can be considered as the Buddha rekha or swasthya rekha.

This line can start from any place on the hand. Chief starting point of this line are

Shukra parvat

Near jeevan rekha

Hridaya rekha

Chandra parvat


Bhagya rekha

Mangal parvat

The level of clarity and depth show how healthy a person is. A person with clear and deep line carries a compact body and influential personality. A person with broken, chained or tattered  Swasthya line will have weak health. His life will be boring lacking any enjoyment. It is very important to have clean swasthya rekha on hand.

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In few hands there is no swasthya rekha and  this is considered to be very auspicious such a person is healthy, attractive and spends his life in enjoyment and pleasure. Diseases can’t reach them and are ready to make efforts to achieve anything is life.

A person whose swasthya rekha is thick will have weak health all his life. If this line is joined like a bangle the person will have stomach related disease all his life. If this line is moving upward like a wave the person will definitely have lung problem. Yellowness of this line shows that the person will have jaundice or any blood disease. Number of dots on the swasthya rekha tells the level of weakness of our health. More the number of dots, more will be the number of health problems in his life. If there are many cuts on the swasthya rekha the person will be sick all his life.

☸ If the swasthya rekha and jeevan rekha are not joined the person will live longer.

☸ A long and healthy swasthya rekha shows that the person will have good health.

☸ If this line is reddish in the beginning then the person will have heart disease.

☸ If this line is reddish in the middle the person will have weak health.

☸ If this line is reddish at the end the person will have pain in his head.

☸ If this line is multi coloured the person will have to face paralysis.

☸ If this line is yellowish the person will have venereal disease.

☸ If this line through the Chandra parvat and border of palm reaches the Buddha parvat the person will make foreign trips many times in his life.

☸ If this line is thin and clear and the mastishk (Mind line) rekha is also healthy the person’s memory is very sharp.

☸ If this line and the mastishk line has blots the person will be sick all his life.

☸ If the mastishka line is weak and swasthya rekha is wavy person will have stomach disease.

☸ If this line reddish is colour rises from Hridaya line (Heart line) the person is considered weak at heart.

☸ If the Swasthya a line makes a cross symbol on the heart line the person will be dyspeptic.

☸ If many branches arises from the swasthya rekha and move upward the person will have very good health.

☸ If the Swasthya rekha is long and wavy but bhagya rekha is weak the person will have teeth sickness in his life.