The Tenth House In Vedic Astrology

tenth house in vedic astrology

Also called the Karma Bhava, the tenth house in Vedic astrology reflects an individual’s career and professional path.

This house represents the profession an individual would decide the accomplishments one would achieve through the type of profession they choose. The tenth house also determines the individual’s social status, wealth, influence, and power in society. How they would use these authorities would also be determined by this house.

The individuals would possess a hardworking, competitive and professional attitude towards their work. The zodiac sign associated with the tenth house is Capricorn, a sign of ambition and professionalism. The body parts related to the tenth house are knees, knee joints, and hips.

Effects of planets in the tenth house

Sun- The individuals would be hardworking, successful, unconquerable and earn benefits from careers related to government and politics.  Individuals with the sun in the tenth house according to birth charts like to maintain a balance between their family and professional life. Work-related traveling would bring success in their professional life. Maintaining a humble attitude is important else they might have to face difficulties in the workplace.

Moon- Leading a responsible life, individuals with the moon in the tenth house in Vedic astrology would possess an attractive personality and have a desire for recognition for themselves. Nothing would come easy to these individuals and they would have to struggle and work hard to achieve their goals. These individuals would never rely on anyone who would achieve success at their own efforts.

Mars- Some qualities possessed by individuals when Mars is positioned in the tenth house include prosperity, fame, highly educated, courageous and determined. These individuals do not like to work under anyone’s influence and prefer to be the master of their profession. These individuals might face difficulties in their personal and professional path because of their dominating quarrelsome nature.

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Mercury- An efficient and knowledgeable individual, possessing leadership qualities can achieve great success in the fields where they are entrusted with responsibilities related to authority or management. They earn recognition through their hard work and have a straight forward approach to life. These individuals are also blessed with good memory and great orientation skills. 

Jupiter- Individuals would earn name and fame through their professions and will always involve themselves in good deeds. Hard-working and truthful towards their work they would always accomplish the work they undertake.

Venus-  A charming personality with an inclination towards art, music, and poetry, these individuals are also fond of gambling and speculative trades. These individuals depend on their spouse for financial support. 

Saturn- These individuals work hard and have to face many obstacles to achieve their goals. Their patience and perseverance towards their duties bring them success. 

Rahu- When placed in the tenth house, Rahu brings fame, wealth, success in an individual’s life through careers relating to media and entertainment. Blessed with long and blissful life, would be adventurous and fearless but this fearless nature can sometimes make them a bit dominating.

Ketu- A religious and spiritual individual, with an impressive personality, these individuals would earn recognition through their hard work and endeavor. 

These are some important things about the tenth house in Vedic astrology.

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