Vastu Guidelines for kitchen

Let us know about Astrologer K.M. Sinha by Keep iron utensils in the house

Vastu Shastra contain information about the location and direction of every object in the house. Like wise there is a mention of the place of the iron untensils in the kitchen.

About where keep iron untensils in kitchen.

Iron in believed to be associated to planets. If iron provides auspiciousness then it is considered under Saturn and it is considered to be under Rahu if it provides inauspiciousness. Iron is said to transmit both positive and negative energies.

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Therefore iron must be kept in the right direction to generate positive vibe. And when the iron is kept in the kitchen of the house it becomes even more important to keep it at the appropriate place. As per vastu iron objects must be kept in the west direction.

West direction is related to Shanidev. Hence keeping iron utensils in kitchen in this direction brings positivity and blessings of shani dev. Shani dev is satisfied and one is free form shani dosha. It also relieves us from the troubles of Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya.

See that the iron untensil kept in the kitchen is not broken as goddess Annapurna resides is the kitchen. Therefore only pure item should be kept in the kitchen.