Vastu tips for the staircase of your home

Staircase provide vertical access to connected floors in a multi story building and are a functional part of it. The placement of a staircase as per vastu can lead to an  individual’s growth and progress. So read this article all about the stairs at your home as per vastu.

Firstly, don’t use spandrels as a waste cupboard to store brooms and bins. As this is said to attract negativity and hinder the flow of auspicious vibe into the house. Keep this area free from broken furniture expired goods and unused junk.

Secondly, Keeping sharp objects like knives, scissors or tools in spandrel can lead to generation of negative energy field causing health and financial issues.

Thirdly, storing shoes and foot wear under the staircase can introduce negativity into the house as they carry dust and dust of the external world.

Fourthly, having a toilet below the stairs may affect the health adversely and hinder progress of the residents.

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Vastu tips for the staircase of your home 1Vastu tips for the staircase of your home 2

Fifthly,  storing water or placing water sumps under the staircase is another common breach of vastu in modern buildings. As water represents emotional flow, storing water or placing water sump under staircase can lead  to emotional disturbances and instability in the family.

Sixthly, Having a home temple below the staircase can hinder the flow of cosmic energies in the space causing financial crises and obstruct progress.

Seventhly, having electrical panels or heavy electrical equipment under the staircase can disturb home’s electromagnetic balance causing tension and health issues.

Eighthly, placing mirror under the staircase can reflect negative energy into the living area upsetting the peace and harmony of the house.

Ninthly, heavy furniture under the stair case can create a sense of heaviness leading to a feeling of oppression, affecting the mood of the family members.

Tenthly, using spandrel for intellectual or financial activity is not suitable. Work or study requires open and well lit space to stimulate creativity and productivity. Placing desk under the staircase can lead to lack of focus and stagnation in personal and professional life.