Vastu Tips for your Holiday Home

Holiday home is accommodation that people own in order to holiday in and that is in a different location from the home they usually live in. If you own a holiday home read this article all about the best techniques to make your vacation home vastu complaint.

Firstly, your hill top home should have an incline elevating towards southwest because heavy southwest implies stable vastu. If the southwest is less elevated compared to northeast, and the water flow from  this direction the resident develop obstinate nature. The house should be in such a way that the mountain is towards the south, west or south-west. Having the house on the slope of a mountain or at the foot hills com lead to financial crises.

Secondly, beach villas should always be built with ocean towards the north, north-east or east to attract tranquility. If the house is on a river bank the river should be on the north flowing from the west to wards the east. Or the river should be on the east, flowing from south to north.

Thirdly, in a farm house the pastures need to slope towards the north or east. Swimming pool and ponds need to be dug in the north, north-east and north of north east. The boring and the rain harvest tank should also be in the same zones. The main house should be built in the south-west, and the north and east should be left over with greenery.

Fourthly ,the entrance of  a holiday home should idealy be in the east of north east or north of north west to help travellers get into the holiday spirit. The best colours to work with include kinds of blue and green as suggested by vastukar. Lounge could also be set up in south but the colour scheme here should not include shades of blue or black.

Fifthly, Vastukar suggest to hang Wi-Fi routes and internet modem in the east for a fast and consistent network.

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Sixthly, if your holiday home includes fire place it should be built in the south east as suggested by vastukar. Don’t place  water elements like fountains or ponds in these direction neither use blue or black in the colour scheme same guidelines applies for scented candles and lighting diyas. Similarly the best direction for the kitchen include the south east and South west.

Seventhly, west, Northwest, ENE and NNW are the zone’s recommended for home bar which is made to socialize and entertain. If you drink to relax or chill out a bar in east of south east and west of north west are recommended as they reduce uneasiness and tension and prevent drinking from becoming obsessive.

Eightly, avoid having dog’s kennel or a horse stable in the south west ,SSW or WSW as these directions makes animal feel restless violent or suffer from separation anxiety.

Ninethly, the master bedroom of your holiday home should be build in the east of north east. But if the guest bedroom is built in this direction your guest will never visit again. A guest bedroom in the west of north west will ensure your guest do not over stay their visit.

Tenthly, because a holiday home may not be in use throughout the year their may be accumulation of stale energy. Vastukar says to not keep it locked for longer duration and get it cleaned at regular intervals. Glass bowls containing salt must be placed at all four corners of the house. Any defective item must be discarded.