Venus Transition in Capricorn on Every Horoscope

Venus is the one that brings luxury into our lives. This planet is responsible for marriages, love relationships and comforts in life. It gives attraction and charm to one’s personality. Venus is all about pleasures in life.

Now let’s see the effects of Venus transition in Capricorn on every horoscope.

NOTE: These are general results of the impact of Venus transition.


Venus is going to transit in your tenth house. The tenth house is responsible for career and profession. This transit will fulfil you with unlimited opportunities in your workplace. There will be numerous openings for you to increase your wealth and prosperity. Your social life is going to be strong and beneficial. You will increase your network by making new connections. During this period, you will have a great time with your close ones,

especially with your mother. Your health is going to be moderate. People who are planning to start their startups can do wonders during this transit.

REMEDY- Give some surprise to your partner.


Venus is going to transit in your ninth house. The ninth house is responsible for the father, fate and spirituality. Luck is going to favour you in your health as well as in finance. Your friends and family will support you in everything. They will understand your opinion and will implement it. You can fall in love out of attraction with someone. For married couples, you need to avoid any kind of doubts and misinterpretations in your relationship with your partner. It is a good time for the students who are going abroad for higher education. The perfect timetable is needed. You will have quality time with your children.

REMEDY- Worship goddess Durga.


Venus is going to transit in your eighth house. The eighth house is responsible for obstacles, sudden gains/losses, death and occult science. You need to mind your word before saying anything. You are likely to hurt ur close ones. You will feel irritated and frustrated during this transit. You are suggested to remain calm and focused at your workplace. You will have to face challenges but you will win over them. This duration is suitable for your income so do your best there. You need to take care of your health as you are likely to spend on your health during this transit. You are advised to avoid arguments and misunderstandings with your life partner.

REMEDY- Give chocolates to small girls on Friday.


Venus is going to transit in your seventh house. The seventh house is responsible for your marriage and partnership. You will feel distant from your partner. Your partner will fail to understand your side of the story. There are strong chances of arguments with your partner so try to keep healthy and clear communication with your partner. Professionally also, this transit will not favour you much. You will feel overloaded with work pressure. Your efforts will be neglected. For business people, you need to take your clients’ concerns seriously. You will feel mentally drained out. All you need to do is be patient and focused.

REMEDY- Use lavender essential oil in any form 


Venus is going to transit in your sixth house. The sixth house is responsible for health issues, debt, enemies and competition. Your

enemies will plan conspiracies against you so be cautious about it. You are suggested to take care of your health during this transit. Your image in your profession might decrease. You need to control your expenses as you are likely to spend on useless things. The health of your mother should be concerned. Students can face obstacles in the way of their new learnings. Married folks of Leo sign are advised to speak up about your issues with your partner. You need to use nice words.

REMEDY- Apply a Tilak of white sandalwood and saffron on your forehead. 


Venus is going to transit in your fifth house. The fifth house is responsible for education, love affairs, children and the mind. You need to take care of your health habits. You are advised to avoid outside and salty food as that can create indigestion and many other

health-related issues. This transit can give you increment and appreciation at your workplace. Express your ideas and it will benefit you to grow higher in life. Students folks should enrol themselves in new courses and learning. You may get sudden highs in your income but that will be temporary. Your confidence level is gonna be high this time.

REMEDY- Give green leafy vegetables to cows on Wednesday


Venus is going to transit in your fourth house. The Fourth house is responsible for land, vehicle, house, mother and happiness. You will experience a good time with your mother. Some cherish moments you will experience with her. Professionally, this transit is not gonna so good for you. You will find it difficult to tackle the pressure of work. Hard work is needed. Excess work pressure can also give you mental stress which can spoil the relation

with your partner as well. Students need to stay focused. You are not supposed to get the result immediately but you shouldn’t give up. Take care of any old health issues.

REMEDY- Visit Ma Lakshmi Temple and donate something there. 


Venus is going to transit in your third house. The third house is responsible for hard work, courage, fame and younger siblings. You can get social recognition. You are more likely to have a good time with your friends and family. Enemies can try to harm you during this transit so be cautious about it. You can face some issues because of bad food habits. Students folks need to stay focused as they will be confused during this period. Work pressure will make you feel so exhausted and fed up and because of this, your relationship will suffer. You need to be more optimistic in life.

REMEDY- Give water to lord sun during sunrise. 


Venus is going to transit in your second house. The second house is responsible for money and family. You need to make proper management of your finances as you will tend to spend more than you earn. Your friends and colleagues will not show corporation with you. You will get delayed results so be patient about it and don’t rush for it. Your married life will be content during this time. Students should use this time to the fullest as many new opportunities are coming on their way. You will get support from your masters.

REMEDY- Give sweets to small girls on Friday.


Venus is going to transit in your first house. The first house is related to the individual and personality. This period is going to be the best

for you. You can take a few initiatives for yourself related to fitness or personal growth. You will reap the results of all your hard work. You will experience a wonderful time with your partner. There will be a new warmth in the relationship. Utilise this time nicely. There are chances that you will get into arguments with your siblings. Overall you will have a tremendous time with your family and friends. Students should keep working.



Venus is going to transit in your twelfth house. The twelfth house is responsible for expenses, hospital, salvation and abroad. You are likely to spend on luxuries things during this period of transit. Enemies can hamper you during this transit but you will handle them well. Some health issues can arise so take care of yourself and avoid eating outside.

Professionally, this period can be hectic and you will take stress for it. Meditation and Yoga can help you with tackling them. You will get many gains this time.

REMEDY- Keep clear quartz crystal with you.


Venus is going to transit in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is responsible for the income, gain and elder siblings. You should take suggestions from your elders. You will face many ups and downs in your income. If you are into any legal matters then the decision will be delayed. Health wise this transit is good for you. Travelling is there during this transit. Students folks need to give their best to get the desired results. You are likely to be more religious during this transit. You can help any needy which will give you mental peace.

REMEDY- Chant Hanuman Chalisa

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