Venus Transits In Sagittarius 30 December 2021

Venus is the one that brings luxury into our lives. This planet is responsible for marriages, love relationships and comforts in life. It gives attraction and charm to one’s personality. Venus is all about pleasures in life. This transit will take place on 30TH DECEMBER 2021 AT 9:57 AM. Now let’s see the effects of Venus transition in Sagittarius on every horoscope.

NOTE: These are general results of the impact of Venus transition. 


Venus is going to transit in your ninth house. The ninth house is responsible for the father, fate and spirituality. This transit is beneficial for Aries folks. You will experience creative ideas during this transit. Those ideas will help you to achieve the desired results. Your efficiency at the workplace will be praised by everyone. Your friends and elders will value your perspective. Your overall luck is going to favour you. Students who are going to give any competitive exam are going to do wonders. Students folks will progress in their academics.

REMEDYOffer 6 incense sticks to Maa Lakshmi.


Mercury is going to transit in your eighth house. The eighth house is responsible for the obstacles, sudden gains/losses inheritance and death. This time is going to be so mixed up for you. You can face some health issues. You may have cold and viral fever. This period will be struggling for you and you will be stressed about it. You will have to be diligent at the workplace. Your managers can be happy with your performance. You can clear your debts. You can get benefits from your parental property. This time is not good for couples as you can have misunderstandings. Students are advised to choose their subjects wisely. It is a great time for the people who are in occult science. Your intuition power will be increased.

REMEDYChant “OM SHREEM SHRIYE NAMAH” as much as you can.


Mercury is going to transit in your seventh house. The seventh house is responsible for marriage and partnership. Unmarried couples can get into some relationships. So, be more socialise as there you can find your better half. Married couples will experience a great time together.

You can plan a long vacation with your partner. Partnership business can be a little complicated during this transit. Involvement of any female will be beneficial to you. You will have a great time with your family and you will cherish every moment with them.

REMEDYOffer lotus to the goddess Lakshmi.


Venus is going to transit in your sixth house. The sixth house is responsible for the disease, debt, enemies and competitive exam. This transit will not be favourable for you. You should be aware of your enemies as they will try to harm you. You should be patient as much as possible. There can be some new chances for you at your workplace. You are advised to take good care of your health as you may fall ill. Also, you can face some genital issues. Students should stay focused and give their best without expecting anything.

REMEDYDonate rice to needy people.


Venus is going to transit in your fifth house. The fifth house is responsible for education, love affairs, children and the mind. You will get many opportunities to increase your creativity. You can start some projects on your own. This is the time you need to check what you exactly want in your life. You can get the opportunity to work with youngsters during this transit. This will bring a positive change towards social evils. You will increase your standard of living and respect in society.

REMEDYGive some sweets to girls on Friday.


Venus is going to transit in your fourth house. The fourth house is responsible for the mother, land, vehicle, house and happiness. You will experience beautiful family time and a beautiful bond with your mother. Your boss and colleagues will appreciate and support you. You will get the results of your hard work. During this transit, you can get some promotions. You should not be stubborn and stay quiet and calm or else you will lose your deals because of rude behaviour so talk softly.

REMEDYOffer 6 incense sticks to Goddess Lakshmi.


Venus is going to transit in your third house. The third house is responsible for hard work, courage and younger siblings. This time is not favourable for you. You will be able to complete your task if you put in the effort. You will have to take some genuine responsibility. You can plan some trips and holidays during this period. You are going to use your communication skills for a great task. People who are into writing jobs will get some creative ideas. You will increase your network during this transit. Teamwork will be beneficial this time.

REMEDYDonate cosmetics to girls.


Venus is going to transit in your second house. The second house is responsible for wealth and family. This transit will be beneficial for wealth and profession. There is a chance that you will start any business with your partner or friend. This will give you trust in security. During this transit, you need to take care of your partner’s health. You will spend quality moments with your spouse. Students need to stay focused.

REMEDYKeep clear quartz with yourself.


Venus is going to transit in your first house. The first house is responsible for individual and personality. You will take some measures for yourself. You can also work on your looks and personality. There is a chance that you can invest in real estate as well. You can expect some sudden gains for the investment you have done earlier. You will be proud of yourself. Your confidence level will be high during this transit.

REMEDYUse Lavender essential oil in any form.


Venus is going to transit in your twelfth house. The twelfth house is responsible for expenses, hospitals and abroad. It will be a good time to win over your enemies. You will rise in your career. It is a favourable time to invest your wealth into business as that will give you profit in a long run. You are suggested to decide wisely and see negative and positive. Married couples should not get into arguments with their partners as that can create lots of misunderstandings. Your partner can fall ill so take care of their health.

REMEDYFeed sugar to ants


Venus is going to transit in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is responsible for income, gains and elder siblings. You are gonna take steps to increase your wealth. Your luck will open every door for you. Financially, you will grow during this transit. Business folks will experience a great time as they will make good gains. You will find better opportunities at your workplace. It will be a good time to show your perspective and ideas into action. You will have a happy married life and family life during this period. Your health will remain good but you should add exercise to your routine.

REMEDYWorship Goddess Lakshmi.


Venus is going to transit in your tenth house. The tenth house is responsible for career and profession. You are going to do wonders at your workplace. You will get many opportunities to show your calibre. You can be stressed as you will take over responsibility on your head. You will have to give your best in respect to achieving your targets. There is a chance that you can have some arguemets so you have to be cautious before saying anything to your close- ones. You can face some mental illness. You should practice Yoga and Meditation.

REMEDYApply Tilak of white sandalwood and saffron between your eyebrows.

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