What is Angarak Dosh?

World famous astrologer KM Sinha has explained about this dosh as to how inauspicious it is. He is a great Astrologer Near Me and got the recognition of the Best Astrologer In Delhi NCR. Now let us understand about it as to how does this yoga form? What are the negative impacts of this dosh and how one can avoid the malefic effects by doing simple yet powerful remedies. Angarak Dosh is formed when Mars and Rahu are present in the same house or there is any conjunction of Mars and Rahu in one’s chart.

What is Angarak Dosh? 1

Now the question arises that What this dosh does? As the name itself explains that this dosh ends all the positive parts which are associated with any particular house. Suppose if Mars and Rahu are present in the 2nd house which is responsible for family and money so this dosh will end all the good things there.

What are the remedies?

  1. Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  2. Visit Hanuman temple and offer sindoor.
  3. Observe fast o n Tuedays if possible.
  4. Recite the beej mantra of Rahu.
  5. Donate red things to poor and needy people.
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