What is Shas Yoga?

According to the Best Astrologer In Mumbai, Shas Yoga is very powerful and auspicious. Km Sinha is a Famous Vastu Consultant and has the Best Astrology App. We will understand about this yoga as how does this form? What are the perks of this yoga?

Shas yoga forms when the Saturn is present in its own sign(Aquarius, Capricorn) or placed in its exalted sign (Libra). Now let’s understand it better with the help of a chart.

What is Shas Yoga? 1What are the perks of this yoga?

Shas Yoga brings prosperity in the native’s life. He gets positive results from the lord Shani. He is justice lover and likes discipline. This yoga gives analytical power, patience, authority, hard work and administration skills. The native remains grounded. They get support from the lower-class people. Lower class means people who are labors , helpers and servants. Dasha of Saturn brings lots of good things to them. But one should always consult an astrologer to know how powerful and effective it is.

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