Ashadhi ekadashi is the 11th date in the lunar month. There are two ekadashi in every single lunar month. Which is ekadashi of shukla paksha and ekadashi of krishna paksha. What’s more this date is devoted to lord vishnu. The ekadashi of shukla paksha in the period of ashadh is additionally called ashadhi ekadashi. This ekadashi has many names like devshayani ekadashi, harishayani, and padmanabha ekadashi, and so forth it falls in the long stretch of july. It is accepted that this is the resting time of lord vishnu. As indicated by the puranas, from this day lord vishnu dozes in kshirsagar for a long time. Thus it is additionally called harishayani ekadashi. Chaturmas start from this day.


Ashadhi ekadashi is a significant day as lord vishnu is accepted to go into yoga rest for complete mental unwinding. It is considered as when he goes to lay on the vast expanse of milk, kshirsagar. Consequently no propitious work is finished during this period, most relationships. Hari shayani ekadashi starts one night before the real date on the 10th lunar day of ashada. These are not unique festivals, but rather this day is praised by venerating the symbols of lord vishnu and lakshmiji toward the beginning of the day. Aficionados offer blossoms to the lord, light a light, and make kheer – a milk dessert that is proposed to the heavenly divinities and serenade songs and shlokas for the duration of the day.


Talking a heavenly shower is viewed as exceptionally promising on ashadi ekadashi. Aficionados in huge number assemble at nasik, to take a dunk in the godavari river, in the distinction of sri rama, a symbol of lord vishnu.

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Upon the arrival of ashadi ekadashi, enthusiasts keep a quick by ceasing from explicit food sources like rice, beans, grains, oats, explicit vegetables and flavors. By keeping a quick on this day, the eyewitness will actually want to determine every one of the issues or pressures throughout everyday life.

Enthusiasts enhance the symbol of lord vishnu with gadha, chakra, shank and radiant yellow garments. Incense sticks, blossoms, betel, betel nut and bhog are introduced as contributions. Later the puja custom, aarti is sung and the prasad is eaten along with different fans.

On ashadi ekadashi, the eyewitness of this vrat should stay conscious the entire evening and serenade strict bhajans or tunes in commendation of lord vishnu. Presenting strict books like ‘vishnu sahartanaam’ is additionally viewed as extremely promising.


Sunrise 10 July, 2022 05:52 Am.
Sunset 10 July, 2022 07:12 Pm.
Ekadashi tithi begins 09 July, 2022 04:39 Pm.
Ekadashi tithi ends 10 July, 2022 02:14 Pm.
Hari vasara end moment 10 July, 2022 07:29 Pm.
Dwadashi end moment 11 July, 2022 11:14 Am.
Parana time 11 July, 2022 05:52 Am -11 July, 2022  08:32 Am


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