Buy Cat’s Eye stone (Lehsunia) Gemstone Online at Best

Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cat’s Eye which is also popularly known by several different names like Ahsuniya, Vaidooryam, Vaiduryam, in the Hindi language. Though Cat’s Eyes is a semi precious gemstone. It usually found in shades of colours like grey, black, honey and yellowish green. While the most popular and highly demanded is black colour Cat’s Eyes gemstone. There are several precautions you need to take before wearing a Cats Eye gemstone thus one should only wear it upon recommendation by a Knowledgeable and experienced astrologer who has thoroughly studied your horoscope. According to the Vedic astrology, Cat’s Eye is the gemstone which is only for the mythical planet ‘Ketu’. Which is also known as ‘Dragon’s Tail’ because it is only the headless lower body part of the shadow planet Rahu. It is recommended to wear Cat’s Eye to the individuals who wants to boost their benefits of Ketu in their horoscope.

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