Diwali 2021 will be held on Thursday, November 4th

The best time to worship Lakshmi is between the hours of 6:24 PM and 8:20 PM.

Pred hours of 5:47-8:20 P.M.

The VrishabhaKaal sequence begins on June 24th at 6:24PM and ends on June 24th at 8:22PM.

Did you know: During Diwali, all castes participate. The religions are similar, such, Jain, Hindu, and Sikh.

The festival of lights celebrated by the Hindus is an important and remarkable event. During the celebration of Diwali, known as Deepavali or the festival of lights, the name “Diwali” is really a misspelling of the official term “Deepawali.”

The Kartik festival happens on the first new moon night of the month in the Hindu lunar calendar (winter begins).

People have different ideas about it. Mahabir Swami was said to have visited Heaven on this day and been greeted by the gods, at which point he entered Nirvana.

It is celebrated by the Hindus as they light their homes on this day, which is when Sri Ramchandra came to Ayodhya after murdering Ravan, the ruler of Lanka, and defeated him in battle.

For Sikhs, Diwali is a festival celebrating the freeing of themselves and their Hindu kings from the captivity of the Islamic emperor Jahangir and Guru Har Gobind Ji reaching the Golden Temple in Amritsal. The yearly illumination of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, as well as several other events, is known as Bandi Choorh Divas in Sikh culture.

The city has celebrations in which it is lavishly and ostentatiously displayed. The city seems clean and white, with houses, stores, and other structures sparkling with cleanliness and adorned with images, toys, and paper flowers. Wood is always buffed. Each structure lights up at night. In contrast to the poor people who use kerosene lamps, the affluent people prefer electric lamps of varied colours. A lot of money is spent on fireworks in large cities. Every everybody seems pleased and dressed to the nines.

When it gets to around ten o’clock in the evening, folks get home from work and go to bed. Once they have worshipped Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, they worship Garuda, the deity of protection. Following this, individuals get the opportunity to eat excellent, sumptuous meals for the day. As well as offering treats and gifts to their loved ones, people often send sweet and charity items to their officers, employees, and service providers as well as offering financial donations to the needy.

Shops and businesses will shut off old accounts for the new year and open new ones for the New Year. Hinduism believes that goddess Lakshmi visits homes in the middle of the night, thus Hindus stay awake all night to greet her.

This celebration helps the community. Following the rainy season, everything in the home is cleaned and the air is purged of the foul odours of the earth.

Diwali Puja worship

In recent years, ads for Diwali are sold in the market as a means of devotion. To fulfil their devotion, devotees paint an image of Ganesha and/or Lakshmi on the wall with a special ocher paint.

Ganesha’s clay statue and Lakshmi’s silver statue were bought at the market and set in front of the image of Ganesha Lakshmi. This day is celebrated all over the world, where Hindu deities such as Kuber, the god of riches, Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles, Lord Indra and Lord Vishnu, who fulfils all wishes, worship Saraswati and Lakshmi, the deities of learning and prosperity.

Lamp worship on the day of Deepawali is very significant. To light up your work area, place a lamp in two different plates. An equal number of four-faced bulbs are required in both of the plates. Create twenty-six little lamps and decorate them both on the dish. Offer water, roli, kheel batashe, rice, jaggery, abir, gulal, incense, then administer vaccination once everything is lit. Shops have the idol of the Hindu god Ganesha and his wife Lakshmi on the chairs of honour. Then return home and honour God. The first worshipers are males. They remove the grain of rice and place it on a piece of paper, then touch their mother-in-feet law’s and hand the paper over to them. They get blessings in return. Worship has concluded, maintain the lamps and candles about the home. Be sure to include a Ganesha Lakshmi figurine with one chamukh, six lights. All elderly individuals, children, and the elderly should smear kajal made from Chamukha lamp with this.

Placing rubbish under the old canopy, hauling it away to discard, and chanting ‘Lakshmi Lakshm come, go to the poor-poor’ on the second day in the early morning.

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