Sankranti is the day when the Sun changes its situation from one zodiac to the next according to the Hindu schedule. Kanya Sankranti is the day when the Sun moves from Simha rashi (Leo Zodiac sign) to Kanya rashi. It is the Purattasi month according to the Tamil schedule. Kanni masam falls on this day as per the schedule of Kerala. Each of the twelve Sankranti that arrives in a year are advantageous for any sort of gift and action for the needful individuals.

On Kanya Sankranti numerous sorts of daan, shradh puja for the predecessors and repentance customs occur. One more exceptional custom of this day is to scrub down in hallowed water bodies to eliminate all transgressions from oneself soul and body. It is the day when Vishwakarma puja festivities happen in industrials towns of Bengal and Orissa. It is the birthday of Lord Vishwakarma who is venerated to be an extraordinary specialist. He is viewed as the maker of God. He offers his aficionados the capacity to work with greatness and superior grade.


The motivation behind the day is to adore the work an individual uses every one of his apparatuses and machines. Devotion towards the work will bring about a superior future, and the individual can have a prosperous existence. The day is praised with poise and euphoria. Individuals likewise acquire icon their workplaces and processing plants to venerate God.


The same the ceremonies performed on other Sankranti days, individuals clean up in the blessed waterway upon the arrival of Kanya Sankranti also. Other than this, another unique custom that is performed is-Shradh puja for atonement and progenitors.

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The supporters clean the symbols or pictures of Lord Vishwakarma alongside their machines, apparatuses, and different instruments which they use in their business. In the wake of cleaning, individuals love the Vishwakarma icons and pictures alongside the machines and instruments. They additionally offer and finish them all with wreaths.

They appeal to God for the smooth and legitimate instrument, capacities, and activity of their machines and frameworks.



Tithi: Saptami upto 14:16
Nakshatra: Rohini upto 12:20
Yoga: Siddhi upto 30:26
First Karana: Bava  upto 27:22
Second Karana: Baalava upto 27:22
Day: Saturday
Date: 17 September 2022


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