Naag Panchami – 08 August 2020

  1. Naag Panchami – 08 August 2020

  2. This year Nag Panchami will be celebrated on 8 August. Thus, Naag Panchami Puja Muhurat will be from 05:42 to 08:24. Though Naag Panchami is the festival in which snakes are worshipped in the form of most supreme deities. Moreover, Naag Panchami is commenced with Naga Chaturthi which is duly followed by Naga Panchami and then Nag Shashti. The Indian women revere the day of Nagula Chavithi with regards to shower happiness in their children’s lives. In the Hindu religion it is firmly believed that Nagula Chavithi offers protection to the children. While festival of Naga Panchami took place in the Shukla Paksha during Sawan month. The festival of Naag Panchami is fully dedicated to snakes, it is believed that Patal Lok is the dwelling or abode of the snakes. Some of the popular regional names of festival Naag Panchami are such as Bhratru Panchami, Bishari Puja, Naga Vardhini Panchami, and few more.Why it is celebrated?

    Therefore, according to the Mahabharata derivations, Janamejaya (son of King Pariksit, Kuru Dynasty) once he was performing a ritual in order to seek revenge of his father’s death, though the ritual is popularly called as Sarpa Satra. As because the King Pariksit died due to a snake bite by the King of snakes, called Taksaka. Therefore, a very powerful fireplace was created by a number of learned and experienced men in order to attracted each and every snake towards the fire. According to the Hindu calendar, this was the day of Navi Vardhini Panchami. Ever since then Naag Panchami is observed to pay tribute to the Nagas.

    How it is celebrated?

    Naag Panchami is celebrated by the devotees by thoroughly cleaning the house inside out, afterwards they worship snake’s puja, then offer holy offerings of food and chant mantras. And a snake is crafted out of cow dung on the day of Naag Panchami and it is placed at the doorstep. Then Milk, Kusha grass, sandalwood, Akshat (holy grains of rice) all these things are offered to the snake. Then the deity of snake is given bathed in milk, which is firmly believed to forgive all your past, present, and future sins.

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