Onyx gemstone

Wearing gems according to astrological scriptures has become common in today’s time, some people wear gems according to the advice of qualified astrologers, but some people wear gems without consulting astrologers just for fashion. Due to the relation of all the planets in our universe with each other, these planets have both positive and negative effects in our life and each planet must be related to one or the other gem, perhaps because of this reason. It is said that the malefic effects of the planets go away just by wearing the stone. Man should choose all kinds of gems very wisely and carefully because gems are not just a means to enhance the beauty of human hands, but they contain supernatural powers. Along with this, these gems also have the ability to make human life happy. Let us tell you that this is such a gem which is related to Mercury, the giver of wisdom and business. This gemstone can be easily identified by its quality and its luster. If the Onyx gemstone is of good luster, smooth, clean and without any kind of crack, then it is considered to be of the best class. Also, the brightness of its color spreads far and wide when light falls on it. This gem should not be too rough and this gem should not be of many colors but of one color, due to which the gem of one color helps in increasing the potential of the person.

Identification and Properties of Onyx Gemstone

By the way, the same gemstone also comes in many colors, but it is really difficult to identify it accurately, because these days fake colored gems are also being sold in the market, in such a situation, you should check your gems very carefully. Should do Let us tell you that Onyx gemstone is found in many colors. This gemstone is also found in green color, mixture of green and yellow color and light parrot color. The colors mentioned in this are the main colors of onyx, apart from this, onyx is also found in white or smoky color. In this gem, red color, brown color, black color, white color and smoky color stripes are made in dark and light color onyx. There is a multi-faceted sub-stone. Onyx is a very effective stone, this stone is famous only because of its color and its excellent impact power. The energy of this Onyx gemstone reduces your negativity a lot. This gem removes all the toxic substances present in your body and communicates purity from within. Onyx is easily available to everyone. Is. For this reason, its value is also normal, so people get it very easily.

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Talking about the properties of Onyx gemstone, this gemstone is used by many people for strengthening the heart, liver, nervous system, cells, hair, eyes and nails etc. By wearing this gemstone, the person does not see any kind of bad dreams, as well as those who have a complaint of not being able to sleep, that disease also goes away and the bad thoughts in the mind of the person go away. At the same time, the ability to speak develops in the wearer. The zodiac sign of Onyx is Capricorn, it should be worn on the left side of our body. Onyx gemstone protects us from our negative thoughts or thoughts. Among these gems, black colored onyx is considered more useful. This happens because a positive energy is found in the black colored gemstone, as well as it gives the person self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Benefits of Onyx Gemstone

☸Talking about the benefits of Onyx stone, this stone gives physical and mental strength to the person, self-confidence increases day by day with this stone, this stone removes the sorrows of the person, and the person always gets a right attitude. Makes one capable of taking decisions, which brings a lot of happiness and a good fortune in the life of the native.

☸By wearing Onyx gemstone, the native gets relief from diseases related to bones, bone marrow and blood. Apart from this, Onyx gemstone is also very beneficial for teeth and feet.

☸By wearing Onyx gemstone, the mental worries, all the stress and restlessness going on in the life go away, apart from this, if the person has a complaint of having bad dreams, then they also go away soon. Wearing this gemstone gives the native the strength to fight against all challenges.

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☸If there are many types of infections in the body of a person or if the eyes of a person are weak, then the person must wear Onyx gemstone.

☸If there is a rift between husband and wife for a long time in the married life of a person or even after many years of marriage, the love between the two of you is decreasing than before, then to remove all these problems, definitely Onyx gemstone should be worn as a form.

☸There are many benefits of wearing Onyx gemstone. If you are wearing this gemstone, then due to the effect of this gemstone, it helps in the receptivity of the body and in its proper functioning. Along with the nervous system, it improves the hearing ability of the person. Increases more and removes any diseases inside the ear soon, as well as increases the immunity of the person.

☸If a person is in the field of education, then wearing this stone increases the ability to concentrate on studies, as well as this stone also tries to make a person a self-dependent person.

wearing onyx gemstone

The person gets a different type of energy, as well as the person is very strong from the body.

Method of Wearing Onyx Gemstone

This gem is worn on Wednesday. On Wednesday, after taking a clean bath, one should sit in the place of worship and keep the Onyx stone immersed in the water of the Ganges. After that one should chant the mantra of Mercury ‘¬ Bum Budhay Namah’ for 108 times. After chanting, this gem should be taken out and worn in the little finger of the right hand.

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