Amavasya, or no moon day, occurs on the last day of Krishna Paksha, and Ashadha Amavasya occurs in the Ashadha month, the fourth month of the Hindu calendar. Pitru, or deceased ancestors, visit the Earth on this day, according to Hindu religion, and people should worship them by bringing offerings. Worshiping them on this day will bring peace and prosperity to their people. According to their horoscope, it also removes Grah Dosha, Pitru Dosha, and Shani Dosha. Fasting on this day is also auspicious since it brings serenity to the souls of the deceased family members.

According to the Garuda Puran, persons who fast during Ashadha Amavasya, conduct puja, and donate are rid of all doshas and sins. It is auspicious to perform charity on this day in honour of their forefathers and mothers. Fasting on this day brings comfort to the souls of those who have passed away. Ashadha Amavasya is thought to have enormous significance for Pithru Tharpan and Pinda Pradaan.



Here are the following facts that reveal the Ashadha Amavasya importance in Hindu faith.


Ashada Amavasya, according to Hindu tradition, is a particularly auspicious day when people bathe in sacred rivers, lakes, or ponds.

They make offerings to their ancestors on this auspicious occasion and decorate the lights with various beautiful hues at night. For the sake of the dead souls, they also observe Ashadha Amavasya Vrat. Pithru Tharpan and Pinda Pradaan are said to consider Ashadha Amavasya to be extremely important.

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Our dead ancestors, or Pitru, are thought to visit the Earth on this day, and all of our worship, offerings, and donations are said to reach them. On Ashadha Amavasya, offering prayers to our Pitru brings wealth and serenity to the native. It also removes any Pitru Dosha, Grah Dosha, or Shani Dosha that may be present in their Janam Kundali.

On Ashadha Amavasya, rituals such as “Tila Tarpanam,” or offering to the dead, and “Annadanam,” or distributing food to hungry people, fulfil all of the inhabitants’ needs.

According to the Garuda Puran, observing Ashadha Amavasya Vrat and doing Ashadha Amavasya Puja or offering charity on this day mitigates all flaws in a person’s birth chart.



  • Get up early in the morning, bathe, and dress in clean clothes.


  • Adhere to the Ashadha Amavasya fast.


  • Offer prayers to the Pipal tree, recite mantras, and light a diya.


  • Pray for ancestors and offer necessities such as food to those in need.


  • On this day, it is favourable to worship to Lord Shivam Pipal tree, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Shani.


  • According to Hindu religion, pray to the god of Pancha Maha Bhoota, which represents the five basic elements of Air, Water, Fire, Sky, and Earth.




Date: 29 June 2022

Tithi: Amavasya upto 08:21

Nakshatra: Ardra upto 22:05

Yoga:  Vriddhi upto 08:45

First Karana: Naga upto 08:21

Second Karana: Kinstughna upto 21:35

Day: Wednesday


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