Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is a synonym for love, courage, emotion, attraction, interest, and trust. Since from the ancient period Ruby has been considered as the King of the gemstones. It is highly assumed that wearing a fine red Ruby brings good fortune, prosperity, and wealth for the owner. For the ages Emperors and Kings uses Ruby for gifting it’s like a prized ownership associated for the Mughal Sultanate. Hence, in present era, Natural Rubies are the most precious and highly valued gems and having a ever rising demand. Thus, their colour is one of the most vital attributes. Rubies are available in every tone of red ranging from blue, purple red and orange red. The most demanded, brightest and most important colour Ruby is a typical a Burmese Ruby which signifies richness, passionate, warm, full dark red colour along with a mild blue hue. Popularly known as pigeon blood red which is connected with white pigeons’ eye.

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