What is Gaj Kesari yoga?

Gaj kesari yoga is one of the auspicious yogas in astrology which gives lots of success and prosperity in one’s life. KM Sinha is a World-Famous Astrologer and helped people in knowing this yoga in their natal chart. He is also a Vastu Consultant In Delhi NCR and had been recognised as the Best Astrologer In Delhi. This yoga forms when the moon and the Jupiter sit together in one house or if there is any conjunction between the moon and Jupiter directly indirectly.

What is Gaj Kesari yoga? 1

This yoga can be formed anywhere but it becomes powerful when it is formed in the centre houses that is 1st,4th,7th, and 10th house. Everyone person wants every materialistic thing in this world but there is some or other gap in life that is not filled but people with this yoga achieve everything good in life. They get what they desire most of the time. These people are keen interested towards knowledge and our traditional sculpture. These people can be a good astrologer, CA and technician. People with Gaj Kesari yoga holds deep wisdom. They like to grab as much knowledge as they can. These people are expert in research work. They can be a good researchers as well.


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