Amalaki Ekadashi 2023

Amalaki Ekadashi is celebrated on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month according to the Hindu calendar. Amalaki Ekadashi is an important festival of Hindu religion. Amalaki Ekadashi is also known as Amla Ekadashi in common language. On the day of Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshiped sitting under the Amla tree. This day is mainly considered a symbol of the festival of Holi. There is a ritual to worship the Indian gooseberry tree during this fast. Those worshipers who complete this worship with full devotion and method, they get freedom from all sins and also attain salvation.

In Hinduism, there are two Ekadashi fasts in every month. Thus there are about 24 or 26 Ekadashi in a year. Each Ekadashi has its own special significance. Among all these Ekadashi, Amalaki Ekadashi is considered the best. Lord Vishnu and Amla tree are worshiped on this day. It is believed that the Amla tree is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Amalaki Ekadashi is also known as Rangbhari Ekadashi. This is one such Ekadashi which is associated with Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Shiva. In some places, Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati are worshiped on this Ekadashi. The devotees of Lord Shiva pour a lot of abir-gulal on him and the public.

Story of Amalaki Ekadashi

According to mythology, Lord Brahma was born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Once upon a time, in order to know himself, Brahma ji started doing the penance of Parabrahma. Pleased with his penance, Lord Vishnu appeared. Seeing this, a stream of tears came out from the eyes of Brahma ji. It is believed that these tears fell at the feet of Lord Vishnu and transformed into Amla tree. Lord Vishnu said that this fruit and tree are very dear to me from today, whoever worships this tree on Amalaki Ekadashi will get freedom from all sins and will also attain salvation, since then Amalaki Ekadashi fast is observed.

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Worship method of Amalaki Ekadashi

☸After taking bath, in front of Lord Vishnu’s statue, take Til Kush, mudra and water in your hand and make a resolution that I am observing Ekadashi fast for the happiness of Vishnu ji and to attain salvation and for this my fast will be successful, Shri Hari Keep me in your shelter.

☸On the day of Amalaki Ekadashi, get up in Brahma Muhurta and take a bath etc. and take a vow of fasting in front of Lord Vishnu.

☸Install the picture of God on a post under the Amla tree.

☸After that worship Lord Vishnu in a proper way.

☸Offer Roli, sandalwood, Akshat, flowers, incense and naivedya to Vishnu ji and light a lamp of ghee.

☸Now offer Amla to Lord Vishnu and read or listen to the story of Amla Ekadashi fast.

☸At the end, conclude the puja by performing aarti.

☸Next day after bath and worship, feed a Brahmin.

Auspicious time for worship of Amalaki Ekadashi:-

Amalaki Ekadashi will be celebrated on Friday, March 3.

Beginning of Ekadashi date:- March 2, 2023

Ekadashi date ends: March 3, 2023