What is Pitra Dosh?

People have many misconceptions related to Pitra Dosh but here World-Famous Astrologer KM Sinha is going to clear all the misunderstandings you must be having in your mind. He is a Genuine Astrologer In Delhi and runs the Best Astrology Mobile App for the astrology lovers. Pitra dosh basically means the bad deeds of one’s forefathers that had been done by them knowingly or unknowingly. Their descendants have to bear all the karmic debts which are done by their grandparents. It can be any crime, sins and mistakes of their life cycle which the descendants are abide to pay off. Now let’s know all about this dosh. Pitra dosh is a condition when the sun is present with the malefic Rahu or there is any conjunction of the sun and Rahu in the natal chart.



What are the negative impacts of Pitra Dosh?

  • The native face delays in marriage.
  • He may have to be a part of failed marriage.
  • He will many hurdles for having children.
  • He will suffer a lot for achieving anything in life.
  • Results will be shown after excess hard work.
  • Sudden accident and death.

What are the remedies to reduce the malefic influence?

  • Perform Pitra dosh shanti at Trayambakeshwar, Nasik.
  • Give water to banyan tree on regular basis.
  • Worship lord shiva.
  • Feed Brahmins often.
  • Perform havan on every full moon on the name of your forefathers.
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