What is Ruchak Yoga?

Ruchak Yoga is one of the rarest Panch Mahapurush Yoga. This yoga forms when Mars is placed in its own sign(Aries, Scorpio) or it is exalted (Capricorn) in the natal chart. Being a Best Astrologer in Chennai, KM Sinha has shared his knowledge and wisdom to people about the benefits of this auspicious yoga. He provides Online Astrology Classes and also got recognized as the Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR. The following will give you more clarity about the formation of this yoga.

What is Ruchak Yoga? 16

Benefits of the Ruchak Yoga

Natives of Ruchak yoga are bold, courageous, energetic, enthusiastic, strong and noble. They generally have lots of land and property as Mars is responsible for land. They may get excess popularity, respect and authority. They have strong physique. Their personality is charming and attractive. They are the centre of attraction. These people can do excellent in their life as well as career if they go in the field of army, officers, police, property dealer and ministers.

Things to be give attention on

Influence of this auspicious yoga depends on the many other factors. If mars is forming Ruchak yoga and Saturn/ Rahu/ Ketu is present along with the mars or any aspect of these planets falls on the mars then it reduces the positive effects as these planets are considered cruel or bad in the world of astrology. So before making any self-assumption, one should consult a true astrologer so that they can guide you better.


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