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Starting a career as an IIT student, today Mr. K.M.Sinha is a well known Vedic astrologer and kundali expert not only in India but also in many other parts of the world. He is also very well known for making accurate predictions regarding some political events. Kundali Expert has its main branch situated in New Delhi. His predictions are based on Vedic astrology where he studies the planetary positions of different planets based on the kundali or time, place and date provided to him. He also guides people by providing solutions on how to overcome the upcoming problems and prevent oneself from them.

Astrological predictions have also been made by him by translating astrological rules into mathematical models. To earn a living and pursue his dreams of becoming an astrologer, Mr. K.M.Sinha started providing chemistry coaching classes. Devoting 15 years of his life to pursue astrology and started studying, analysing and understanding the astrological principles. This journey of gaining knowledge has now turned him into a astrologer and for the past 2-3 years he has been practicing astrology professionally.

According to him astrology is a science, which works on the principles of different planetary positions. The positions of different planets at different houses play a very influential role in the life’s of people. To get accurate predictions, it is very important to have the correct information about his time, place and date of birth.

K.M. Sinha, precisely explains that a kundali made at the time of birth or by providing the date, time and place of birth is very important as the kundali is the base to make any astrological predictions. A birth chart or kundali is formed by 12 houses, governing different aspects of life. The position of stars(i.e. the 9 zodiac planets) are positioned in these houses according to one date, place and time of birth. The kundali remains the same but the planetary positions keep on changing which places an impact in the lives of people.

The benefits one can derive from astrological predictions is that they can be made aware of difficult periods of their lives, how can they prevent facing those difficulties and remedies to solve those problems. Also how can one make full use of the good times and make it work to their favour.

Primarily located in New Delhi, best astrologer in Delhi K.M.Sinha is an known Kundali Expert and have made many personal and political predictions accurately. Be it personal life, professional, career or health one can easily consult and get expert advice. He can also make predictions through palmistry and numerology. One can get a kundali chart prepared free of cost. Kundali analysis, predictions and remedies are provided at Kundali Expert at nominal amount. This nominal fee is valid for a year and one can get advice from our experts anytime during the year.

One can conveniently contact astrology K.M.Sinha as he is available on WhatsApp and one can also reach him through email or visit his Kundali Expert consultancy for predictions and remedies.

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